"I like to be in touch with the street and I can always turn to Joe Ambrose when I want to know what is going on there. He is invariably hip to what’s happening, sometimes before it happens. Sometimes he is making it happen."
Howard Marks, Mr. Nice

Joe Ambrose, Photos/Flyers

Liam Clancy
Dylan's favourite ballad singer

This photograph of Joe Ambrose in conversation with folk singer Liam Clancy was taken by Joe's brother Robbie. Clancy was the leading member of The Clancy Brothers and was substantially featured on Martin Scorcese's Dylan documentary, No Direction Home. Joe's interview with Clancy - The Clancy Brothers - can be read on outsideleft.com. Dylan once said of Liam Clancy, "I never heard a singer as good as Liam ever. He was just the best ballad singer I’d ever heard in my life. Still is, probably."

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