"I like to be in touch with the street and I can always turn to Joe Ambrose when I want to know what is going on there. He is invariably hip to what’s happening, sometimes before it happens. Sometimes he is making it happen."
Howard Marks, Mr. Nice

Joe Ambrose, Photos/Flyers

The Painter of Morocco, Joujouka 1972

For Hamri's account of the trials and tribulations surrouding Brian Jones and The Master Musicans of Joujouka go to his Open Letter in the Other Words section of this site. William Burroughs said of Hamri, "Hamri is the real thing." This photograph shows him relaxing in his home in the village of Joujouka. Hamri collaborated with Joe Ambrose of the CD 10% File Under Burroughs, the book Man From Nowhere, and the movie Destroy All Rational Thought.

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