"Joe Ambrose, thanks for driving the snakes out of Ireland."
William Burroughs

Destroy All Rational Thought DVD

Destroy All Rational Thought, the documentary movie I co-directed with Frank Rynne about the Here To Go Show in Dublin in ’92 is out on DVD - with outlaw23 via MVD. It includes a number of additional features such as a previously unavailable mix of William Burroughs Don't Play Guitar by Islamic Diggers, the previously unreleased El Fna by Islamic Diggers, plus a selection of paintings by Brion Gysin, Hamri, and William Burroughs.

It features an exclusive video interview with William Burroughs, plus Brion Gysin, The Master Musicians of Joujouka live, Ira Cohen, Terry Wilson, Hakim Bey, Brian Downey from Thin Lizzy, Hamri the Painter of Morocco, and me performing my story Hassan in the City, backed by Bill Laswell and Shabba Ranks.

The release of the DVD has started a small forest fire of web chatter orchestrated by Bachir Attar's Master Musicians of Jajouka and their management. Attar seems to have devoted most of his adult life to robbing the Joujouka musicians who live and work in the village of their birthright so that he can enjoy a lucrative Mercedes-driven showbiz career which has nothing to do with the spiritual and artistic ideas which underpin the music of Joujouka. While Attar continues his efforts to stop the village's Master Musicians from touring internationally, people can check them out on Destroy, and make up their own minds about whether these are the real thing or not.

feastofhateandfear.com said 'This is a true documentary. It captures a moment, while filling you in on what lead up to that moment.' Paul H, writing in www.brink.com said Destroy is "an exceptional DVD containing performances from the extraordinary to the sublime." Burlingame Daily News wrote: "The documentary... provides insights into the intellect and philosophies that propelled the Beat movement. The DVD explores the creativity of Burroughs and Gysin through art, music, experimental film, prose and recollections. Audio and film footage of the two men loom large as the DVD wends its enigmatic way. It includes one of the last interviews Burroughs ever gave - this alone is worth the price of admission."

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