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The opening shots in Ireland’s War of Independence were fired by an IRA unit led by the charismatic Sean Treacy. Treacy was a gifted guerrilla fighter and an inspirational leader. Joe Ambrose’s new book – Sean Treacy and the Tan War – is a major re-evaluation of the personalities and events which kickstarted Ireland’s march towards freedom.

Ambrose’s ground-breaking book - iut now - brings a refreshingly new perspective to the ambushes, shoot outs, and raids which characterised a war known in Ireland as “The Tan War.”

Joe Ambrose’s last Irish history book, Dan Breen and the IRA, was critically acclaimed. Peter Berresford Ellis wrote: “It’s an absorbing book. I suppose the phrase 'essential study' may be a little overdone these days but, if anyone is really interested in this all important period in Irish history, then there is no other way of describing it. Its easy style, its arguments, makes it an involving read.”

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