"Joe Ambrose, he understands - beautifully."
B. P. Fallon

Waterstones launch for Chelsea Hotel Manhattan

The mark the end of an era, now that the Chelsea Hotel of Sid and Nancy and Warhol and Burroughs no longer exists, Joe Ambrose's book on the hotel - Chelsea Hotel Manhattan - will be launched at Waterstones in Islington on November 29th.

Visit www.myspace.com/chelseahotelmanhattan for exclusive book extracts, outtakes, unseen Chelsea Hotel photographs, music.

The book features a lengthy previously unpublished interview with William Burroughs done by Spencer Kansa, essays by Herbert Huncke, Ambrose's conversation with Gerard Malanga,and extreme travel writing concerning Manhattan, negritude, the loneliness of the city crowd, Coney Island, Brendan Behan, and punky hip hop.

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