"It all seems terribly improbable, only I know that its all true."
anonymous friend, upon reviewing this website

Found in Translation

Joe Ambrose's two books of punk rock writing have just come out in important foreign language editions.

Gimme Danger, Ambrose's scandalous bio of punk founding father Iggy Pop has just come out in French with Camion Blanc.The publishers in Finland are Johnny Kniga.

The Italian edition of Moshpit Culture is out with a new independent Italian imprint, Tsunami Edizioni. Check out their myspace via the links section of this site.

In an interview with Paul Hawkins for the brink Ambrose said about the Tsunami edition¨'There is already a metal record label in Italy called Moshpit Culture so I knew the book had impacted a bit there...The Tsunami edition will be called Moshpit....As far as I know it’s the only book which deals exclusively with this huge cultural movement which has had a phenomenal influence upon the lives of millions.'

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