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Joe Ambrose DJs in Marrakesh

Joe Ambrose, now resident fulltime in Marrakesh, has been DJing in his adopted city and in adjacent spots like Agadir and Essouira.

In a recent interview with Paul Hawkins Ambrose says: "A confluence of things - mass tourism, satellite TV, mostly the internet means Moroccan youth listen to a much broader tableau of music now. Years ago it was Rai and Bob Marley reggae and hiphop. Now there are Death Metal enclaves and QOTSA gangs and even zany kinda Dylanesque types. Marrakesh has some powerful music of its own going on right now. I guess the dominant group are Fnaire who make a totally slick presentation. They even have their own clothes line because theyre a rap group. They have a single out right now and the proceeds are going to their Muslim sisters and brothers in Gaza. Thats a fine thing."

Ambrose has been doing a sort of desert lounge set featuring Moroccan Trance, delta blues, hiphop, and raw African percussion.

The full text of Ambrose's conversation wth Hawkins can be read on The Brink and Hesterglock. Both sites also feature an Ambrose DJ mixtape recorded in Marrakesh during November 2008. The mixtape features Hamri the Painter of Morocco, The Master Musicians of Joujouka, Blind Willie Johnson, Gnoua, and the Number One Marrakesh rappers, Fnaire.

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